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          POWDER COATING ADVANTAGES                
· Extreme Powder coatings are
compliant with environmental
regulations and generate no
hazardous residue.
· Powder coatings can be recycled
and emit zero volatile organic
· Powdering allows a wide range
of specialty effects to be
accomplished that would not be
possible with other coating
· Extreme Powder Coating offers
numerous high quality finishes
to choose from: flat, textures,
satin and high gloss. Hundreds of
colors are available to finish your
product to fit your needs. 
Extreme specializes in specialty
powder applications as well
including candy, translucent,
wrinkle, and vein.
· Powder coating produces a
thicker coating than traditional
liquid without running or
sagging. It provides a tougher,
more durable finish than
conventional paint allowing your
investment to last longer.